“The Solution for Low Volume Can Recycling – Shipboard Marine Industries and Recycling Centers”
The Model 10P Densifier is designed for applications where a high density slug of beverage cans or metal cans is required but where space is limited. Operation is fully automatic. The unit is activated by an electric eye which senses material in the loading hopper. The machine also senses when there is a complete slug and signals for the operator to unload the machine. Our can densifiers can also be used as filter presses and for dewatering applications. Throughputs of up to 85 lbs per hour.

Standard product features:

  •  Densified block size: 12” x 10” x 10”
  •  Contains 800 aluminum drink cans
  •  Weight: 25 lbs.
  •  Density: 36.75 lbs. / cu. ft.
  •  Densification Ratio: 35:1

Hydraulic: A power unit with a 10 gallon hydraulic reservoir is provided. Industry standard components are used to make service fast and easy. The compaction cylinder has a 5” diameter bore with a 2-1/2” diameter rod.

Electric: The equipment utilizes a 5 horsepower, washdown duty, 3 phase, 208/230/460 volt, 60 Hz or 190/380 volt, 50 Hz. Motor. The equipment is furnished with a motor starter. Control voltage is 110 volt, single phase.

Finish: Painted with a gray industrial grade enamel to provide protection from deterioration.


Dimensions: 48″L x 27″W x 75″H Hopper Volume: 5 cubic feet
Shipping Weight: 1,500 lbs Densified Block Size: 12″ x 10″ x 10″
Typical Densified Block Weight: 25 – 45 lbs Cycle Time: 75 seconds
Motor: 5 hp Throughput: 2500 aluminum cans or 85 lbs per hour