Industrial Stationary Container Packer Typically Installed in Multi-Storied Buildings Ideally Suited for High Volume Applications

The Model 520A Container Packer is typically installed in multi-story buildings. This machine compacts into two cubic yard front or rear load compaction containers. The machine operates automatically by an electric eye, providing unattended operation until the container is full at which time it is removed from the machine and wheeled outside for pickup. This system reduces handling of waste and requires less custodial attention, translating into cost savings for owners and property managers. Also, because the volume of trash is significantly reduced during compaction, fewer pickups by the hauler are required, cutting disposal costs.
The Model 520A Container Packer is a fully automatic, hydraulically operated trash compactor capable of displacing up to 54 cu. yds. of trash per hour, packing into a front or rear load compaction container. The machine body, sides and top are 3/16″ steel plate reinforced with 3″ structural channels for rigidity. Ram is constructed of 1/4″ sides and top with 1/4″ steel plate bottom. The ram face is 1/2″ steel plate, reinforced. Header bar is 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″ steel angle. The hopper is constructed of 11 ga. steel plate with a 1/4″ back plate to take the impact of falling refuse. The floor is 1/2″ thick steel comprised of two 1/4″ plates. One floor plate is part of the frame and the other is replaceable. The Model 520A comes equipped with a 5 HP power unit for high volume applications.


Chamber Capacity: 6.5 cf, .24 cy Cycle Time: 16 seconds
Ram Face Pressure (max): 32.8 psi Volume Displacement: 54 cy/hr
Weight (w/o container): 1,650 lbs Dimensions: 65″L x 38″W x 67″H
Compaction Force: 15,075 lbs