We were presented with a manufacturer who was looking to crush quartz glass tubes. They wanted an easy way to crush the tubes with an OD of up to 20 mm and a wall thickness of 1 to 6 mm.  Here’s a case study using the REM® GB SERIES GLASS BREAKER with images and a video

We were presented with a manufacturer who was looking to cut down on the shipping costs of their waste material to the recycler. The recycler agreed to take their waste material, but the shipping was going to be expensive. After evaluating / testing their material in our V63XHD Vertical Baler, the test results show they can now combine four gaylord boxes of material into one bale on a standard skid saving them a large amount of money for their shipping. See more images

“Here are the pictures of our application using your compactor. We went from paying $18-20,000 a year for plastic removal by a local waste company to selling our compacted bales to our pots and tray manufacturers for $8-10,000 per year!!! So…… we paid for our compactor in less than a year!!! Every time the compactor runs it sounds just like printing money. Thanks for delivering a great product and one that does exactly what you said it would! Very refreshing to deal with an honorable company.”

John Hardiman
American Farms

“You and Lisa have made this process, from start to finish, an absolute pleasure Sayra. Keep up the great customer service. We appreciate what you do!! Thanks for your help and we are absolutely LOVING our new compactor!!!”

Cathy Ring
End Hunger Calvert

“Our disposal costs have dropped which at least covers the cost of the compactors. Aside from the monetary aspect, the compactors allow the stores to be considerably cleaner. Clean-up at night is much easier because we have no trash cluttering up the back room of the store. All in all, we are very pleased with the compactors.”

Doug Gehrig

“We would like to thank the great service of Compactors Inc. We currently have on board the Vertical Trash Compactor model 4500SS. It has been a tremendous help with the recycling of our trash. The machine works great and is very friendly to use. We have been using this equipment for about four of five years now. When we need parts due to this machine being used over 30 times on a daily basis, Compactors Inc. is there for logistic support and they even give credit back for certain parts. My experience working with Compactors Inc. is a very reliable company to do business with. So thank you again for the great service from the USNS Laramie (T-AO 203) crew!”

Teo Truzy
Department of the Navy

“We are very happy with our compactor on our riverboat the Creole Queen. We’ve had this machine on board for the past few years and it’s the most reliable piece of equipment I’ve ever seen. We use it every day, it still looks brand new and it has had a revolutionary impact on our operation. You offer a wonderful product.”

Captain Brian Collins
New Orleans Paddlewheels

“I never hesitate to recommend our Vertical Trash Compactor because it does everything your brochure represents it to accomplish. I can’t imagine anyone in the restaurant business not utilizing this apparatus. It really has become one of my proudest restaurant possessions. It works so smooth that I almost feel smug when I see all the gigantic trash containers for other restaurants.”

Robert Leonardi
Leonardi's Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“With the V63XHD we are getting about a 70-80% reduction in the volume of the plastic. This means 5 large fertilizer totes worth of plastic now fits on one pallet. 1 truckload of baled plastic is equivalent to 4-5 truckloads of loose plastic (if we double stack the bales). From a workflow standpoint the staging/loading team has been able to stay on top of the returned recycling and there is no backlog of recycling to process. This is saving us a ton of space, and eliminates having to move the recycling multiple times.”

Thomas Ingram
Smith Gardens

“Compactors, Inc. is a wonderful company to work with. They are professional, responsive, and always willing to help. They met our needs the first time around and we are thrilled with their service. I highly highly recommend them!”

Marie LeBlanc Cicuto

“Compactors is professionalism and responsiveness. Every interaction is smooth. It’s a pleasure doing business with them. We highly recommend Compactors Inc.”

Francis Fokom

“I have made a few large orders from Compactors Inc. and they have always been very accommodating and helpful from beginning to end. I am very pleased with the quality of the material we have received from them, as well as the quality of care and assistance they have provided during the ordering process. They are very responsive and will work with you to make sure you get everything that you need, and I am very satisfied with our service. Great products!”

Caitlyn Stirrup

“Compactors Inc. is a great company to deal with. Lisa and Sayra are on top of all the details, and provide great communication throughout the process. We couldn’t ask for a better partner in this industry!”

Kristian Buur

“Have been sourcing parts through this company for years. Always responsive, friendly, and quick to ship.”

Matthew F

“The bale weighed 831 lbs after using all five Gaylord boxes that were sent. We did not reach a full bale. There was approximately another foot of volume left. The bags baled very well.”

Avgol America, Inc.