Anyone can sell waste compaction and recycling equipment but we sell solutions! If you have a complicated or unique waste management or recycling project, give us a call and we’ll find the perfect solution for you. We’ll even design a custom machine specifically to handle your waste compaction and recycling needs.

Compactors Inc. represents the leading designers, engineers, and manufacturers to provide state-of-the-art waste management, size reduction, material compacting, dewatering, and recycling solutions / systems / machines / equipment. We can provide our customers with custom systems / solutions to solve their individual project requirements for waste management and recycling operations. After years of experience and through dedication to provide innovative equipment and services, we reached a point in which unsurpassed quality, top performance and reliability became our values.  We want to build long term relationships with our customers and mutual trust and understanding is key for this goal.  Through strict methodology, our specialized team undertakes every kind of study aiming at providing the most efficient and appropriate solutions to each customer.

Our Mission:

  • Understand the customer’s needs and the nature of his/her project
    We value our customers; we want to provide them with the most applicable solution possible since every project and customer is unique. To achieve this, we are going to perform an in-depth analysis of your needs to find out the most efficient solution. Through the lens of our experienced personnel, we understand how our customer’s material, volume, throughput requirements, and size reduction goals affects our customer’s operational needs. We are going to listen carefully, understand and find out how you operate and what exactly you want to solve while preparing the best possible solution / system.
  • Personalized research, development, and design
    Compactors, Inc. has built a vast partnership / network of manufacturers and engineers who support our mission. We have work extremely hard to develop and maintain the mutual trust and respect we have with these partnership / network and continue to train and study with the designers, engineers, and manufacturers to offer state-of-the-art waste management, size reduction, material compacting, dewatering, and recycling solutions / machines / equipment. A solution /system may require multiple components to include materials handling equipment, crushers /compactors/ shredders /balers, air convey or conveyor systems, dust collections or liquids extraction, and storage, reprocessing, or recycling.  Through our project management we collaborate with our partners, and if neccary facilitate our partners working together to develop, design, and present our customers with the most economical, applicable, and efficient solution / system for their operational needs.
  • Presentation of the solution and alternative, more efficient proposals
    Working towards the best possible outcome, we will provide our customer with our proposals (which will include all the necessary documents support, drawings, and videos) while also providing thoughtful alternatives. Each project is a step further to success, and we want to ensure that we provide not only a solution but a custom set of proposals to overcome your operational requirements. Our team works with the manufacturer’s engineers to develop and design a system to be operated easily with minimal workforce, increase productivity, and minimize maintenance and repair. Technical Support for our all machines/solutions is included via machine specialist and engineers who build and design the machines.

Our commitment to commercial waste management, volume reduction, recycling, environmental-protection products and systems and our vision of a much cleaner and more efficient industry solutions, gave us the opportunity and the will to provide the best available technology for various industry needs. Furthermore, our customer-centric perception led us to a path where the customers project/requirement become our mission.

To conclude with, we can provide custom solutions/systems for your waste management, size reduction, compacting, dewatering projects.  That process will start with a kind and meaningful conversation to understand your project and end with the best possible solution/system for your needs. Our team will stand by your side all the way through discovery, development, design build, delivery, and commissioning.

Real World Example


Excessive Shipping Costs

  • We received a call from a company who recycles telephone pole transformer cans
  • Because these cans take up so much space, it was costing them a fortune in shipping costs to send them out for recycling

No Machine Available to Crush Transformer Cans

  • They wanted to flatten the cans to save on shipping space but they couldn’t find a machine that would work for them

Custom Crushing Machine Designed

  • After speaking with them, we worked with one of our manufacturers to create, test and deliver a custom machine that would specifically crush transformer cans horizontally

Saving Thousands in Shipping Costs

  • They are now able to ship 10 times the number of transformer cans to their recycling company which is saving them thousands of dollars in shipping costs

View a Video of the Custom Crusher


Contact Compactors Inc. and we’ll find a solution:

  • We’ll recommend existing machines to fit your needs
  • We’ll create custom machines to fit your unique operations
  • We’ll combine multi-functional equipment and machinery to create a custom system for your processing needs (ex. hydraulic lifts to feed a conveyor to feed a machine)

We work with the best engineers in the industry. We’re here to help and will be glad to speak with you.