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What are Vertical Balers?

Vertical balers are machines that compress materials with a vertical, downward force and pressure. They can be used to bale numerous materials including cardboard, paper, textiles, cans, plastics and non-ferrous metals. Out of all types of balers, verticals are the most economical, utilize minimal facility space and are easy and safe to operate. Vertical balers […]

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The Best Glass Crushers for Your Business

Glass crushers are used to crush or pulverize glass waste. Handling glass waste comes with different safety risks. The best way of managing glass waste is to convert it into small pieces called cullet or sand with the help of a glass crusher or pulverizer. Crushed or pulverized glass can be deposited into self-dumping hoppers, […]

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Why are commercial vertical balers important for the waste producing industry?

Vertical balers are considered an essential component of the waste recycling program. There are two types of balers: Vertical balers and horizontal balers. Balers are used to reduce or to pack a large quantity of recyclable waste into compacted, easy to manage bales. It makes the storage and transportation of waste easier. Before jumping into […]

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Why Purchase an Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor

Safety, Security, and Reliability Safety – Easy to use, push button design, safety interlock, and full bale indicator – buzzer / light enables the user to operate this Chicago Trashpacker commercial compactor with one in-depth training session. Security – With a compaction ratio of up to 20:1, the waste compactor reduces excessive trips outside to […]

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Why Commercial Compactors Are Important For Waste Producing Industry?

Large scale businesses like manufacturers, warehouses, retailers, distribution centers, supermarkets, hospitals, and apartment complexes produce a lot of waste during commercial activities. The practical solution for such types is waste compactors. Commercial trash compactors are used to compress the wet or dry trash and convert it into small tightly compact pieces of waste. These compactors […]

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An Important New Year’s Alert to Our Customers

At Compactors Inc. we’re proud to be recognized as a world leader in the fields of solid waste volume reduction and pre-recycling processing since 1987. Compactors Inc.’s advanced equipment and integrated systems are used around the globe by leading brands including Coca-Cola, Alcoa, the U-S Navy, International Paper and others. Because we take our role […]

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Volume Reduction for Reduced Shipping Costs

Did you know? Vertical Balers are not just for cardboard. By baling and reducing your product’s volume prior to shipping, you can save thousands of dollars in shipping costs. Real World Example One of our customers was paying $18,000-$20,000 per year to have a waste company remove their used plastic pots and trays. After purchasing […]

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Custom Solution for Trans-Cycle Industries of Ohio

Anyone can sell waste compaction and recycling equipment, but we sell Recycling and Waste Management Solutions! If you have a waste or recycling problem, give us a call and we’ll find the perfect solution for you. We’ll even design a custom machine and or system specifically to handle your Recycling and Waste Management needs. Real […]

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