Volume Reduction for Reduced Shipping Costs

Did you know? Vertical Balers are not just for cardboard. By baling and reducing your product’s volume prior to shipping, you can save thousands of dollars in shipping costs.

Real World Example

One of our customers was paying $18,000-$20,000 per year to have a waste company remove their used plastic pots and trays. After purchasing one of our Model V63XHD balers, they are now selling their compacted bales back to their pots and trays manufacturers for $8,000-$10,000 per year. They ended up paying for their baler within one year. They even said “Every time the baler runs, it sounds just like printing money.”

When customers think of balers they think of baling cardboard, but this is a great example of saving lots of money on shipping costs by volume reduction.

3 Ways You Can Save Money

#1 Lower Trash Hauling Costs
By baling your waste material (cardboard, metal, plastic, etc.), you remove these materials from your waste stream which lowers your overall hauling costs.

#2 Get Paid for your Bales
By baling certain materials, many of our customers are getting paid for their bales by recycling industries.

#3 Lower Shipping Costs
When customers have waste materials they sell back to manufacturers or recyclers, by baling these materials, they greatly lower their shipping costs.

Some of the more common materials used with our balers include cardboard, paper, plastic, e-waste, PET bottles, non-ferrous metals and cloth/carpets.

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