Why Purchase an Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor

Safety, Security, and Reliability

chicago trashpackerSafety – Easy to use, push button design, safety interlock, and full bale indicator – buzzer / light enables the user to operate this Chicago Trashpacker commercial compactor with one in-depth training session.

Security – With a compaction ratio of up to 20:1, the waste compactor reduces excessive trips outside to the dumpster for each bag of trash which in turn helps keep staff safe late at night, prevents the back door from being propped open, and stops loss or theft or goods / materials going out the back door.

Reliability – We have many trash compactors currently in service that are well over 15 years old and in some environments over 20.  With regular, easy-to-perform preventative maintenance and care, the Chicago TrashPacker has a proven history of reliability and longevity in settings such as Commercial Kitchens, US Coast Guard Cutters, US Navy Vessels, and Cruise Ships. All replacement parts are kept in stock and can ship the next day.

  • Quality Built Stainless-Steel exterior, discretely suitable for Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Shipboard Galley, Quick-Service Chains / Restaurants, and Dining Facilities
  • Three different sizes with maximum possible trash capacity, perfect for food waste, mixed waste, sold waste, trash and packing materials to include cardboard and shrink film
  • The all stainless-steel exterior and compaction chambers can be cleaned and sanitized with a soft cloth and mild soap / disinfectant allowing for a clean look and sanitary environment
  • UV Germicidal unit for odor control & to eliminate bacteria, viruses & harmful contaminants leading to a fresh environment inside and out
  • Portable for movement during cleaning and inspection when purchased with standard heavy-duty casters
  • Push button controls for easy use, with multi-operational key switch, safety interlock system and pressure release door handle
  • Electrical requirements preferable to run either 120 Volts or 240 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz. We also offer 220 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz.
  • Reusable trash cube and bag dispenser
  • Baling option bales Cardboard/Packaging Materials into small, easy-to-manage bales
  • Eject assist for Trash Cube and Bale
  • Safety interlock system
  • Heavy duty compaction plate
  • Modular electrical system
  • Full indicator, buzzer & light
  • Heavy duty caster or deck legs
  • Trashlift available for compacted waste movement and removal

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