Why Commercial Compactors Are Important For Waste Producing Industry?

Large scale businesses like manufacturers, warehouses, retailers, distribution centers, supermarkets, hospitals, and apartment complexes produce a lot of waste during commercial activities. The practical solution for such types is waste compactors. Commercial trash compactors are used to compress the wet or dry trash and convert it into small tightly compact pieces of waste. These compactors help the companies in reducing the volume of the produced waste. Most of the commercial trash compactors are used to compact recyclable waste like plastic, cardboard, paper, shrink film, wood, etc.

Here are a few factors that highlight why commercial compactors are important for the waste producing industry:

Save time and money

Commercial trash compactors reduce waste management costs in the industry. These compactors also save time and the other expenditures of the company. Trash compactors reduce the waste by 3:1. For instance, if an open-top container is picking your waste once a week and you are paying approximately $180-$200 per week, a commercial compactor will cost you approximately $240-$300 each month. With the help of commercial compactors, you will haul waste much less than with an open-top container. Thus, it will lead to saving you money.

Eco-friendly choices bring more opportunities

Commercial waste compactors also enhance the company’s green efforts. When you start managing your company waste, it helps you to stand out from other companies. Staff and your business partners notice your efforts and appreciate them. Effective waste management also helps you to get ISO certification. This will ultimately bring more business to you since most companies like to work with ISO certified companies.

Volume reduction

You can save more space at the workplace with commercial waste compactors. These compactors turn waste into small and easily manageable cubes or bales. It is much easier to transport these cubes or bales. Besides reducing space in the industry, it also reduces human labor which again cuts costs of the waste management system for a business.

Lower risks

The decrease in hauling activity leads to a decrease in the loading of waste collection trucks at the site. The commercial trash compactors reduce the accidental risks associated with solid waste management at the workplace. The reduction in waste reduces the risk of fire at the workplace site as well.

Another benefit of using commercial compactors is that they protect the environment of the site and keep it more sanitized. Compaction is one of the sanitary means of disposing of waste. These commercial waste compactors also help in reducing the odor and rodent infestation at the site.


Commercial compactors also secure and protect the confidential information of the brand or merchandise. This protects your unique product and secures your business presence in the market.

Customized solution

This is the most important aspect of compactors. There is a trash compactor suitable for your unique situation. Compactors Inc has a variety of trash compactors and equipment, such as both indoor and outdoor compactors, vertical trash compactors, stationary compactors, chute-fed compactors, self-contained compactors, pre-crusher compactors and more. We have compactors that offer customized solutions according to your requirement and that are suitable for different applications.

For instance, we have Chicago Trashpacker Vertical Compactors with three different capacities. It is the perfect solution for schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, manufacturers and the marine and offshore industry. It is a very user-friendly and highly efficient model. The compaction ratio of this particular commercial compactor is up to 20:1.

Similarly, other options for waste compaction can be large commercial compactors we offer. There are multiple designs, each providing unique features. We have self-contained compactors that can handle any type of waste. These are especially designed for liquid tight containment.

Another popular compactor is the stationary type compactor. We offer various sizes from our 2-4 yard Commercial Compactors to the Heavy Industrial 5-15 Yard Compactors. Each unit is designed to safely, quietly and efficiently compact your waste and can be custom designed and factory installed to suit your special applications.

Pre-Crusher compactors are also available at Compactors Inc. Designed for large, difficult to compact trash, our Pre-Crushers smash bulky waste items before compaction, effectively reducing waste volume and increasing load weights. They are ideally suited for crushing drums, pallets, furniture or white goods, or for destroying merchandise to prevent scavenging and reuse.


By providing a practical solution for waste management, trash compactors also save different expenditures of the company like labor cost, insurance, etc. Choose the compactor according to the nature of the waste produced by your company and the quantity of the waste. Select the best suitable and secure and convenient place for the waste compactor.  The selection of a suitable trash compactor and a good waste management system will make your business efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

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