An Important New Year’s Alert to Our Customers

At Compactors Inc. we’re proud to be recognized as a world leader in the fields of solid waste volume reduction and pre-recycling processing since 1987. Compactors Inc.’s advanced equipment and integrated systems are used around the globe by leading brands including Coca-Cola, Alcoa, the U-S Navy, International Paper and others.

Because we take our role in international waste reduction very seriously, we wanted to share some critical advice regarding the misleading online promotion by digital retail groups who claim to offer the same services we do however fall far short of the same expertise, inventory and professional network we’ve maintained for more than three decades. Because their websites are attractive and promise state-the-of-art solutions, you may get the impression that these entities can efficiently and promptly fulfill your waste reduction or recycling needs.

We recommend you proceed with caution and investigate before you invest. If a customer service agent can’t speak specifically about equipment details, most likely they don’t fully comprehend the functions of items in their lines of business and are focused primarily on the sale. They won’t understand your processing needs either, nor will they have the proper expertise to guide you through the best equipment options.

Our team suggests that you ask the following questions when you first engage in any type of conversation with online entities promising you quick estimates, seamless customer service, strategic support and full product warranties:

  1. Are you the manufacturer of the equipment we’re considering? If not, how long have you been representing this product for the manufacturer?
  2. How many of these products have you sold to date and to which industries have you sold them?
  3. What is your experience with wearable parts for this equipment?
  4. Can you provide a list of comparable alternative models for this equipment?
  5. Do you have a history of usage and volume on behalf of this product? Are you able to provide case studies?

At Compactors Inc. we’re constantly receiving calls from customers who have purchased a machine which doesn’t match their needs from a digital retailer. They’re extremely dissatisfied however they didn’t do their homework in the first place. These customers saw claims like “more than 50 years in business” and slick website offers touting discounts and unfortunately, they trusted the promises. It’s time to pull the curtains back and show how many so-called waste auditors and equipment lenders are taking advantage of unsuspecting customers. The same concern applies to website “flippers” who purchase waste management sites and conduct retail efforts without ever acquiring a true understanding of the industry.

Some common terms that frequently pop-up on misleading websites are:  Waste audits, waste management consulting, financing, leasing, etc. Based on customer feedback, other red flags include:  case studies lacking a specific company name and website graphics consist of stock, generic photos rather than state-of-the-art videos and diagrams which further explain and illustrate functionality.

Compactors Inc. represents leading designers, engineers and manufacturers who provide state-of-the-art compaction and pre-recycling equipment and systems. Compactors Inc. strictly adheres to the following criteria:

  1. Total state-of-the-art technology and methodology.
  2. Unsurpassed quality, top performance, and reliability.
  3. Simple operation, easy training, and minimal maintenance.

In closing, we hope to emphasize the value of our team, company brand and the expertise and customer care that are synonymous with who we are. At Compactors Inc. we thoroughly understand our products and ensure our customers receive the optimal equipment and service they deserve, not to mention the rewards of working with company built on integrity.

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