Why are commercial vertical balers important for the waste producing industry?

Vertical balers are considered an essential component of the waste recycling program. There are two types of balers: Vertical balers and horizontal balers. Balers are used to reduce or to pack a large quantity of recyclable waste into compacted, easy to manage bales. It makes the storage and transportation of waste easier.

Before jumping into the topic of the importance of vertical balers, let us have a brief look at what vertical balers are, how they work and what are they used for.

Vertical balers
These balers compress waste through a vertical downward force. These vertical balers are smaller than horizontal balers. After inserting materials, the ram / compaction head of the vertical baler moves downward, compressing or crushing the waste. After compressing, the compacted waste is tied off with wire ties and then ejected in the form of bales. Both vertical balers and horizontal balers process almost the same materials.

You can select vertical balers according to your business. But below are a few things you must keep in mind while buying or leasing these balers:

  • Quantity of waste: while selecting a cardboard vertical baler, always keep in mind how much waste your industry produces
  • Nature of waste: what is the nature of the produced waste?
  • How many people are responsible for managing the waste of your company?
  • How much is your budget, and you should be aware of the savings? How much money will be saved because of vertical balers?
  • And the space at your workplace for the installation of the vertical baler, and storage of the compacted bales?
  • What size bale does your recycler require?

Importance of Vertical Balers
Below are some of the reasons why vertical balers are important for your business.

  • Save on hauling costs
    Hauling activity is not only time consuming but it is costly too. Loose waste is quite difficult to transport from one place to another. A vertical baler is a good option to reduce hauling costs. It will directly increase the efficiency of your workers as well. A vertical baler converts waste into small, compressed and easily manageable bales in no time.
  • Economical solution
    For waste management at the workplace, these balers are cheaper solutions. If you compare the cost of vertical balers with other waste managing activities like waste collection, hauling and storing of waste, you will find that the baler installation is quite a budget-friendly solution for managing waste. Moreover, the price of vertical balers is significantly less than horizontal balers.
  • Multi-type waste handling
    Vertical balers can handle almost all types of recyclable waste while horizontal balers can handle only a few types of waste. These vertical cardboard balers are ideal for aluminum cans, cardboard, PET bottles, waste paper, plastics, non-ferrous metals, textiles and other packaging waste.
  • Occupy less space
    The average size of vertical balers is between 3 ½ – 4 feet. Due to the small size of the balers, they occupy less space as compared to horizontal balers. Vertical balers can be fixed or used where horizontal balers do not work. If your industry has a small space and wants to install a baler, then a vertical baler is a good option for you. You can even install it in the backroom of your facility. For instance, the Compactor Inc. Vertical Baler Model V630 can be installed in small places. It has many different safety features so you can easily install it near the workstation where waste is generated like at the end of the production line. The packed waste also covers less space while storing it as compared to loose waste.
  • Improving sustainability
    These vertical balers help companies in improving sustainability. The improvements made in the sustainability policy of the company are not only good for the environment but also directly affect the company’s business. People are becoming more conscious about the environment and they like to work with companies that have an environment-friendly production line.

The solution that suits your business
Compactors Inc. has a variety of different balers to choose from. You can get a customized solution according to your business needs. One of the most popular cardboard vertical balers is the model V63HD vertical baler. It is a multipurpose machine that can handle different types of waste. This machine is best for grocery stores, retailers, pharmacies, distribution centers, commissaries, hospitals, and manufacturers. The other popular vertical baler is model V63OCC. It produces bales up to 1,000 lbs. This baler is best suited for old-corrugated containers (OCC) and shrink wrap. It is configured to produce marketable 60” mill size bales.

Click to learn more about Compactors Inc’s vertical balers production line.

Vertical balers are not only a cheaper solution for businesses but they are also an effective way of managing waste. Because hauling waste and transporting it daily or weekly is not only time consuming, it is costly too. These balers help companies in meeting eco-friendly world standards which eventually leads to more business.

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