Best Ways to Dispose of Industrial Waste

Industrial waste is the useless material resulting from any manufacturing process.  Industrial waste is a major contributor of pollution. Waste management was a difficult, complicated, and costly task. But nowadays, with the innovations in science and engineering, it has been made less complicated, more efficient and cost-effective.

Major types of industrial waste

Managing waste depends on the nature of the waste. Some types of industrial waste are given below:

  • Paper products
  • Scrap
  • Small containers and cans
  • Glass waste
  • Bulk Items
  • Plastic

Industrial waste management

There are four best practices for managing waste. These are:

  • Segregation
  • Landfill
  • Composting
  • Recycling

Segregation and Recycling

In this process, different types of waste are segregated from each other. The waste is separated based on its nature. For this purpose, different types of machines are used. Compactors Inc. has a different type of sorting system. In this process recycling of the glass, metals, plastics, electronics waste is also done.

To learn about the features and other basic information on the sorting system, please click at https://compactorsinc.com/sorting-systems/

For the food waste management, food grinders are used. You can check different food waste grinders at: https://compactorsinc.com/commercial-food-grinders/

Below are the some of the types of waste that needs segregation at the beginning.

Paper/Cardboard/Packaging products

During industrial activities, different types of paper waste is generated. For example, if you manufacture electronic gadgets, the packaging process of your industry will involve some paper waste.

Method for waste management: It has become quite easy to dispose of industrial waste with the help of our compactors. Our compactors help in reducing the volume and size of the waste. The transportation of waste becomes easier and cheaper if its compacted.

To check about the specification of our popular compactors, please visit: https://compactorsinc.com/compactors/

With the help of proper and suitable machinery, you can earn a lot of money by recycling the scrap. You can even reuse the scrap for the production process. It involves metals, parts of some machines, etc. The type of waste mainly depends on the nature of your production and type of industry. Some recommended machines for scrap waste management are: https://compactorsinc.com/granulators-fx700-series/

Small Containers and Cans

Containers and cans are recyclable materials. Cans and containers are compressed and then sent back to the industry. Some of our machines helpful in the recycling of the containers and cans are: https://compactorsinc.com/can-densifiers/




Hard drives are also part of the solid waste. To crush them hard drives shredders are used. These shredders are: https://compactorsinc.com/industrial-hard-drive-shredders/

These tools help in the size and volume reduction of the waste.

Glass waste

Glass is a non-degradable waste. The only way to manage this waste is to recycle. But glass comes with different safety hazards. To minimize those handling and safety risks, glass is shredded.

Methods for waste management: Glass is crushed into small pieces. After crushing glass is sent back to the industry where it is recycled. For the crushing of glass different machines are used. Some of our best and recommended machines for this process are: https://compactorsinc.com/glass-crushers/

Glass pulverizers are also used in the glass recycling process. You can check different types of glass pulverizers at: https://compactorsinc.com/glass-pulverizers/

Bulky items

It is quite difficult to manage the bulky waste items of the industry because they cover more space and volume. Storing of the bulk items is also another main concern for the industry.

Methods for waste management: If you have chemical industry, you must be using different drums for the transportation of the chemicals. Waste management for such an industry becomes very difficult. Their waste contains different hazards based on the nature of the chemicals. For this type of waste disposal, drum crushers are used. These crushers convert the large drum into small pieces.

To learn more about the features and specifications of drum crushers, please visit: https://compactorsinc.com/drum-crushers/

Plastic items

Plastics is one of the most hazardous types of waste. Managing plastic waste is a huge concern for the industry because of the strict local and international laws and regulations.

Methods for plastic waste management: The best solution is to reduce plastic use at the production level. After that, if it is not possible to reduce it then promote the reusing of the plastic products. Otherwise, you can recycle it. By recycling, the waste can be turned into different products. But that requires special machines. These machines vary at every stage from collection to recycling.

Few of the most popular machines that are helpful in recycling of the plastic waste available at Compactors Inc. are:



Sorting systems are also used in plastic waste management. For more details on sorting system used for plastic waste, visit: https://compactorsinc.com/sorting-systems/

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